Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Introduction

In this blog I propose 
individualized and personalized 
gift ideas for your loved ones or to yourself. 
Each item is directly connected to one of my art projects, an installation or a performance. 
Your stories, memories & wishes will make each pieces a unique one.

Please contact me, I would be delighted to create a piece of wearable art or a customized installation for you or the lucky recipient of your generosity.

To see some examples and possibilities scroll down to the following posts: 
Repaired & Transformed
New Elements 
Knitting a story

(all those items can be tailored for men, women or children)

Repaired &Transformed

Using as a base, your damaged, incomplete or broken jewels, I repair and transformed those pieces turning them into new wearable art creations
Work related to this What's my worth


The three pearls used in this bracelet were the remains
of this person's prized neckless 

New Elements

Using items that are in my studio, remains of performances and installations I create wearable art items.
Art projects related to this series are Let's take a walk, Gathering/Dispersal, I'll Draw a Line


A 3x wrap around bracelet with copper, yarn, ribbon, hardware,
the numbers of items used reflect the client's personal history.