Thursday, November 29, 2012

Knitting a story

A gift of a scarf that includes a knitting lesson and a moment to exchange stories

I will knit a scarf, at some point during the process I'll meet & teach the person receiving the item basic knitting techniques, creating an opportunity to spend some time with each others and exchange stories, communicate, create a sense of connection as well as infusing the knitted element with a little bit of personal history. 
If this gift is for yourself you will share stories with me and/or friends you might invite for the session, will knit a a short part of the scarve together; please note that I will knit most of it myself, so the time commitment for the knitting and story telling is as little as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours depending on your wish.
If this gift is for someone else you can choose to be present during the knitting, story telling session.
Sharing a moment creating a memory. Following a thread leading to an unexpected moment in two people’s life.

This series related to my on going project My favorite Grandmother 

A scarf ready to be given, the part that was
knitted by this person is marked by
a different color thread that can be
removed, he had been taught to
knit by his grandmother.

This scarf was knitted by myself and the children
of this very lucky dad

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moments, a room installation.

Moment is installed around a room where the walls
& ceilling meet.

Moments  is a portrait of memory...of specific moments in someone’s life.  A celebration of a milestone, such as an anniversary or birthday.” it  consists of a room installation featuring wire, thread or string encircling a patron’s room of choice, creating layers, each line symbolizing a year, each wall a season. “Moments” can also be installed using a single wall or a corner. Specific moments and memories from that year are noted with artifacts—ranging from stones and beads to personal photographs or trinkets belonging to the subject. I interviews the person (s), working with them to select the most meaningful materials & objects and creates a design based on the sentiments and wishes of the client and the subject. Depending on the milestone or years represented, wire and artifacts are layered.  For example, for a 25th wedding anniversary, silver wire would be used, along with traditional representation in paper for year one, cotton for year two, and so on.  Upon completion, Katz will provide the client with a small drawing of the installation, including a map of the artifacts and descriptions of each. Every installations are tailored to suit each client, and each project is as individual as the moments they commemorate.  

The parents who wanted to celebrate their son’s 14th birthday, commissioned me to create a personalized “Moments” installation in his bedroom. The subject childhood was thoughtfully represented around his room, his first word was “taxi,” so I placed a child’s toy taxi within the work, and so on.

Comment from the family was “In working on ‘Moments,’ Marie-Christine engaged us all, including our 14 yr.-old-son.  We reflected on his life and contributed to create a very meaningful piece. Our son can see his life as a series of important moments, to cherish.”  

Here is a write up about “Moments” on Anastasia Traina's Zingertales and More 


This particular installation celebrate the 25 years of a couple's togetherness.

For details and order please contact me  
thank you, best wishes Marie Christine