Monday, July 25, 2016

"Work in Progress" Workshop during "What's my Worth?" performance

As part of "What's my Worth?" exhibition that took place at Ivy Brown Gallery, I conducted the workshop of "Work in Progress" assisting and guiding participants in the repair and transformation of the damaged item(s) they brought, turning them into wearable art creations and rendering them usable again.



Friday, June 10, 2016

Repaired and transformed

A small selection of damaged items that have been repaired and transformed. 
Rendering them usable again.

Wearing them over and over, a gift to a friend.

A favorite sweater
A sweater for his daughter.

Damaged bead bracelet repaired and given and extension (grey band with sawing)
Yarn and hardware

Damaged bead curtain repaired using what I could find
in my "tool box"

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A scarf knitted by friends

Ready to be delivered   
A friend knitting during the birthday party
I will begin to knit a scarf, at some point during the process I'll meet & teach, the person receiving the item as well as selected friends and family member, basic knitting techniques. An opportunity to spend some time with each others and exchange stories, communicate, create a sense of connection as well as infusing the knitted element with a little bit of personal history. If this gift is for yourself you will share stories with me and/or friends you might invite for the session, Knitting  a short part of the scarve together; please note that I will knit most of it myself, so the time commitment for the knitting and story telling is as little as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours depending on your wish.If this gift is for someone else you can choose to be present during the knitting, story telling session.
Sharing a moment creating a memory. Following a thread leading to an unexpected moment in two people’s life.
This series related to my on going projects My Favorite Grandmother & Let's Take a walk

Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Introduction

In this blog I propose 
individualized and personalized 
gift ideas for your loved ones or to yourself. 
Each item is directly connected to one of my art projects, an installation or a performance. 
Your stories, memories & wishes will make each pieces a unique one.

Please contact me, I would be delighted to create a piece of wearable art or a customized installation for you or the lucky recipient of your generosity.

To see some examples and possibilities scroll down to the following posts: 

Repaired & Transformed
New Elements 
Knitting a story

(all those items can be tailored for men, women or children)

Repaired &Transformed

Using as a base, your damaged, incomplete or broken jewels, I repair and transformed those pieces turning them into new wearable art creations
Work related to this What's my worth


The three pearls used in this bracelet were the remains
of this person's prized neckless 

New Elements

Using items that are in my studio, remains of performances and installations I create wearable art items.
Art projects related to this series are Let's take a walk, Gathering/Dispersal, I'll Draw a Line


A 3x wrap around bracelet with copper, yarn, ribbon, hardware,
the numbers of items used reflect the client's personal history.